Asheville Personal Injury Lawyer


Collectively, our lawyers have over 50 years of trial training and have engaged in over 1,000 prosecution and non-jury trials.

While Fisher Stark focuses on personal injury lawsuits within the state of North Carolina, our customers have asked us to participate in cases over the United States, from Miami, to New York, to Seattle.

After you hire Fisher Stark for your attorney needs, you will be satisfied that you have hired very experienced personal injury attorneys. We have experience getting compensation for injury claims and holding corporations and other parties accountable for their actions.

Fisher Stark handles personal injury claims linked to 19 different practice areas such as:

· Automobile and trucking accidents

· Traumatic brain injury

· Slips and falls

· Premises liability

· Construction site accidents

· Motorcycle and bicycle injuries

· Medical malpractice

· Burns

· Electrical accidents

· Defective products injuries

We have expertise in handling a broad variety of personal injury lawsuits. That experience will allow us to get you the greatest possible compensation for your injury.

When any harmful incident occurs, very thing insurers can do is determine which party currently represents the harmed party; they will most likely try to give the victim less money than they need or deserve.

That is why you must employ a professional law firm like Fisher Stark: if insurance businesses see that we’re handling the situation, they are much more likely to provide good value for the claim.

What will be the costs?

With personal injury attorneys, all fees have been handled on a contingency basis, which usually means you won’t cover an hourly rate, but just a proportion of the overall award. Generally in many North Carolina cases, this fee is currently anywhere from 33.3 percent to 40 percent of the entire amount received.

What can we handle for our customers?

Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Asheville can handle every aspect of your case. We’ll assist you to gather any medical documents needed, negotiate with insurance providers, and work to tackle any liens. We will represent you in a trial in court.

How long will my case take?

Generally speaking, it requires roughly 1 year by the time a lawsuit is registered before it goes before a jury. Due diligence and record-gathering must be completed before a trial can be taken to court.

How often do accidental injury cases proceed to court?

Insurance companies representing the opposing party will attempt to offer you funds in order to prevent an endeavor appearance. You may have the alternative of trial before a jury or accepting this particular settlement.

While many instances are different, it is expected that the favorable outcome may happen as a consequence of a jury trial.

If you believe you’ve been Injured as a consequence of an collision or malpractice or negligence, Fisher Stark, P.A. will earn you justice and reasonable damages. To establish a free consultation, call Fisher Stark accidental injury lawyers at: 828-505-4300.